Buying A Smartphone – Tips for Seniors

You hear this often but it is true — you are never too old to learn.  Technology can be overwhelming to the uninitiated.  But you have to remember that you do not have to be young to be tech savvy … and if you are old, you do not need to be a dinosaur!

If you are a beginner, getting started can be challenging if you are new to buying a smartphone.  Don’t worry — just follow the 5 simple rules and you will be fine.

  • Do not overbuy.  Smartphones range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.  If you are a beginner just wanting to get to learn what the device is capable of, do not spend more than a few hundred dollars.  Anyway,  the makers of most of the smartphones have built in an expiry date for the device because the battery normally starts to fail after 2-3 years of regular use.
  • Get a bigger screen because it will be easier on your eyes and fingers.  Anything 5.5 inches and up is fine.  You will likely regret anything smaller.
  • Get protection – I mean a simple smartphone case or jacket that will save your phone from all the knocks and drops.  It is not expensive and is certainly worth the extra investment.
  • Get the right data and voice plan.  You can easily end up paying the phone company more than the cost of the smartphone over time.  Strangely enough, the phone company’s do not reward its loyal customers — the prepaid plan often offers a far better deal than post-paid.
  • Have someone help get you get started if you are new to the device.  Trying to figure it out by yourself can be frustrating enough that you will end up junking the phone.  Short of throwing the phone against the wall (or soaking it your bath tub), feel free to experiment and play around — the smartphone does not break easy and is actually quite idiot proof (no insult to anyone!).

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