Baby Boomers Age Differently

Ageing is a part of life that no one can escape.  But every generation do have different ideas and approaches about how to live their golden years.  The next generation of silver will come from the baby boomer generation and they are so different in many ways.

  • This generation called the “baby boomers” experienced decades of rapid economic growth and wealth creation to become the most affluent generation ever. Of course, not everyone will retire wealthy but as a generation, they did better than any generation before them.
  • With affluence, this generation will want to continue to remain active and influential as they age. They will certainly not retire quietly but remain a vocal part of the political and social dialogue.
  • The baby boomers will see more of the world and have the means to do it comfortably. If their kids are not able to come home from their overseas job, they will go to them.  As a generation, they will continue to remain a major customer segment of any airline with more miles travelled than ever.
  • As the baby boomers grow old, they will fight more to remain independent. If they can, they will age-in-place and will certainly not prefer to be in a nursing or elderly home.
  • Many baby boomers will spend their retirement doing volunteer work as a way to remain active and to give back to the community. They believe they have a lot to give and retirement simply means doing something meaningful and not just bringing home the paycheck.
  • With better healthcare and medicines, they will live longer than the generations past – and more likely, also have a better quality of life. Hopefully, this will help the baby boomers achieve their dream of a happy and meaningful sunset years.

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