Mobility is Freedom

Ageing is a process that is part of living and many of us will have the privilege to walk down this road. As time goes by, our body becomes frailer. We no longer can do the things that we can in our younger self. Nothing is more frightening about growing old than losing one’s mobility, and by definition, one’s independence.
We take for granted that we are able to get up in the morning and go one with life on our own two feet. Until the day we cannot. Preserving your ability to remain independent means that you have to make sure that you do what you can to remain mobile as long as you can.

• Remember your bones are more brittle as you age, and even a simple fall can be catastrophic. If you live alone, avoid climbing on chairs or ladder to do your chores like changing a light bulb. Most of such falls may result in a stay in the hospital – and most of them happen in your own home.
• Apart from the kitchen, the other place to be really careful in is the bathroom. There are simple things you can do to make then safer such as slip proofing your floor and installing hand bars to help you in the shower or toilet.
• Get rid of those shoes that does not provide a good grip especially during rainy days. There are many types of shoes that are designed to offer maximum grip when you walk even on rainy days and you show invest in a good pair.
• There is no shame in using a walking stick or a cane to help you. In fact, it signals to others around to give you the space around you, especially in crowded public spaces.
An ounce of prevention can truly go a long way in preserving your quality of life because the number one reason why growing old takes a turn for the worst is when you no longer have your independence.

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