Something Fishy (Really Fresh) at Zai Shun

One of the healthiest protein is steamed fish.  Problem with making a really good steam fish dish starts with really fresh fish.  Steaming a defrosted supermarket bought fish fillet simply doesn’t cut it.  Most Singaporean foodies will tell you that getting top rate fresh steamed fish is not easy.   If you order them in nicer restaurants, it will normally cost you a small fortune.

Zai Shun Seafood Steamed Pompfret

So if you want to eat healthy steamed fish, come to the West and check out Zai Shun Seafood  located in a not-so-easy to find corner coffee shop near Yuhua Village in Jurong East.  This is by far one of the best places for steamed fish in Singapore — and certainly the reasonable prices makes it even sweeter.  Unfortunately, this popular joint is only open until 3:00 pm and by then, most of the freshest fish are probably sold-out especially on weekends.

Technically, this is a zhi char restaurant and has a pretty extensive menu selection.  But I would normally stick to what they have are known for — fresh steamed fish at reasonable prices (a hard combination to find).  One of their best seller is the Teochew Style Steamed Pomfret – a fairly good-sized pomfret that easily serves 4-6 paxs will set you back about $50-60.   Ask the server for the price because it varies by size and market price.   The nice thing is that they display the raw fresh fish for you to choose so you can select the size and fish that you want and they will then steam it to perfection.  Occasionally, they will feature some exotic fishes – recently they were serving Moonfish (first warm-blooded fish discovered) on their menu!  Service is pleasant and helpful but there is normally a line and may take 10-15 minutes before you get to place your order – so be patient.  On weekends, arrive before noon to beat the crowd – and more importantly, to get the best pick of the fresh fish.  Once I have arrived after 2 pm and was disappointed with what’s left.

If I am not in a mood for healthy,  their curry fish head is great alternative.  Their fish head curry dish not only exceptionally fresh, but the fish head is just the right size(for all those who crave the tender fish meat that can only be found in larger sized fish heads).  Nothing is more frustrating than getting a small-sized fish head that is all bones. That is why if I am in a mood for fish head curry, this is the place to go.  Another dish that my family likes is their Bitter Gourd Omelette but be warned that it comes in one size and it is a pretty good helping!

Zai Shun Seafood Bitter Gourd Omellete

Here is the link to Google Map.

Disclosure: BetterLiving65 is not affiliated with or have any commercial relationship with Zai Shun Seafood featured in this article.


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