Dreams of Being a “Silver Nomad”

Have you heard of this elusive creature called the “silver nomad”?  Yes, it is a creature that most retired or soon to retire mere mortals would like to morph into.  So what is this creature?

For starters, after toiling in 8-to-5 jobs for most of your life to make ends meet – things like paying your home mortgage, raising your kids and putting up with all the on-the-job politics – you dream of a more carefree time to see more of our beautiful planet and her people.  The silver nomad is, by nature, a dreamer haunted with calls of distant lands.  Tired of all the rushed package tours and crowded airports at oversold tourist destinations, the silver nomad yearns for travel where you have time to smell the roses and meet with the locals.  Here is some of the tips that will make you a successful and happy silver nomad.

  • There are many great destinations that are not jam packed with tourists.  Some may ask if they have to literally go to the ends of the earth or the south pole to find them.  Not really.   Simply avoid the likes of Venice or Bali and head to Slovenia or Lombok/Gili Islands instead.  If you are looking for ideas and inspiration for the less tourist-ed destinations , visit National Geographic website – you will be captivated by some of the most beautiful places and people.
  • Traveling off peak not only offers significant savings, but is also less stressful.  You may be lucky enough to have the middle seat on the long haul flight open or being greeted with immigration and customs at your destination that only takes minutes to clear instead of hours.  If you are planning ahead and having the flexibility of timing, find out when is your destinations off peak season.  Nothing is less fun than to have to fight and compete for your dream holiday — you have your day job for that!
  • Stay long enough to get to know the people and lay of the land.  Avoid the “checklist” holidays where you only have a few days and a long list of things to check-off.  Fortunately, there are many options for the free-and-easy holidays.  If you are staying for less than a week and would like to have a local to help you, staying at an AirBNB that offers a nice location and a great host.  Read the reviews.  If you are staying for a week or two, consider week long timeshare rentals that offer better location and amenities.  Anything longer than two-weeks, you should look for an apartment type rental.  The key here is to stay long enough to take in the local flavors of the destination.
  • Get the right insurance because as seniors, your needs may be different.  For example, one aspect of travel insurance to look at is your coverage for pre-existing condition.   If you have anything that may be considered a pre-existing condition, it is very important to make sure you are covered or your travel insurance may deny your claims for medical expenses (read our blog on this).

If you are ready to travel like a silver nomad, great adventures await you!  The true nature of the silver nomad is the young spirit that is raging in you that beckons for adventure.

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