Enjoy a Lovely 60-Minutes Walk at the New Singapore’s 3rd Botanical Garden.

After almost a year of building and landscaping, the Jurong Lake Gardens(JLG) is finally open to the public – making it Singapore’s 3rd botanical gardens and the only one located in the heartland. Adjacent to the Chinese and Japanese Garden, the JLG has a little something for everyone in the family – from wading pools for the young ones, playground for the older kids, lots of nature for the enthusiasts, plenty of biking trails and a nice place to take a 60-minute leisurely walk for the seniors — with a great view of the lake especially during the evening twilight hours!

If you drive, park at the JLG North Parking Lot – there is sufficient parking even on weekends. Get there around 6 pm so it is not too hot. Put on your walking shoes and head towards the Chinese Garden entrance gate but do not go in – just walk along the trail south towards the Japanese Garden entrance gate. You will be walking past “The Forest Ramble” – a series of 13-stations that is guaranteed to thrill kids of all ages!

I like the short walk along the lake towards the Japanese Garden’s main entrance especially on the weekends – it is really fun to see all the kids at play.

Walking past the entrance, head towards the Rasau Walk – 300 meters of meandering boardwalk floating about the edge of the lake. To me, this is the best part of the walk where you can catch a lovely view of the lake and surroundings with plenty of places to sit down and take a rest.

Past the Rasau Walk, you will head towards the end of the gardens where it will loop you around. The shady walk is beautiful and there are look-out places along the way to catch the sunset or even a great selfie.

Walking to the end of the trail should take a leisurely 30-minutes and on your way back, you can actually take a break and have a dip at the lovely public swimming pool run by ActiveSG. Great way to cool down – remember to bring your swim wear and Nets Flashpay card to tap in and out.

From the pool to your car is about 1 km walk. By then, the evening sky will begin to darken giving you cooler walk back. If you are not ready to leave the garden yet, you can have dinner at the Fusion Spoon restaurant near the North Parking Lot where you started. The menu is awesome and has something for everyone – from pizza to local treats!

Hope you will make time for this lovely 60-minute walk – and hopefully a good swim and dinner as well. Take advantage of this lovely gift from your government!

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