Studies: Pets Can Make You Healthier

According to the US government’s Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), pet can be really good for your health. The CDC has listed that apart from bringing the joy and happiness, studies have shown that bonding with your pet will bring about many health benefits including:

  • Decreases loneliness and provides opportunity to socialise with other pet owners
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Decreases cholesterol levels
  • Increases physical activity and exercise

If you believe that owning a pet is a good idea, the next big leap is to decide on what animal that would be best for you. The biggest debate in getting a pet in Singapore often comes down to dog versus cat — and it is an argument that can get very emotional on both sides.

  • When I think of a dog as a pet, I think of unconditional love and adoration. Most dogs are loyal and wonderfully affectionate towards their owners. They crave attention and are often willing to reciprocate and compete for your time. A dog is more likely than a cat to stay close by your side for a longer period and enjoy your companionship just lying next to you. Also, if you are looking for a pet that is physically more active (possibly like you), a dog is probably the right choice. The upside is that your dog can be a great motivator to get you out for a walk or run – which will certainly help you get your exercise as well.
  • Cats are more independent pets and ideal for people who do not feel the need to take them for long walks or runs in the park like dogs. Felines are lovely animals and will enjoy your companionship but only up to a certain point. And they can become bored with your attention. Typically cats are lower maintenance compared to dogs and are ideal pets if you have limited mobility or time to take care of them. Some say that you do not “own” your, but it is the other way around. Being more of a loner type animal, a cat will not offer you the same unconditional attention and love. Cats will normally approach you only if they want to be petted or stroked. Can your ego handle that? Even though cats do require play time, they are typically far less demanding than dogs.

Whatever you choose, keeping a pet is a long term commitment and should match with your needs and lifestyle. But if your situation allows you the luxury of keeping a pet, I believe it is a worthwhile investment. Your dog or cat can offer you many years of joy and affection that can be a winning proposition for both of you. But choose wisely!

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