Here’s why ALL Singaporean Seniors Should Get Their CHAS Card Today!

CHAS or better known as the Community Health Assist Scheme, was intended to provide more convenient access to primary care providers and receive subsidies for medical and/or dental care at participating General Practitioner (GP) and dental clinics. Until now, the scheme was intended only for lower to middle income group ie. household per capita income below $1800/month or home with an annual value of less than $21,000. Beginning November this year, the new scheme is open to ALL Singaporeans and is divided into 3 tiers: Green, Orange and Blue cards with varying subsidies. Additionally, holders of Merdeka and Pioneer Generation cards receive CHAS subsidies regardless of income levels. Download this brochure.

  • The changes in CHAS will certainly benefit those who are receiving treatment for chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and/or diabetes – two common ailments affliction seniors. When you visit your neighborhood CHAS doctors for approved chronic diseases, you can receive a subsidy ranging from $112 to $540 per year depending on your chronic condition and type of card. Best part is that you can visit any participating CHAS clinic of your choice.
  • With the exception of the Green card, common illness consultation also receive subsidies per visit ranging from a subsidy of $10 to $28.50 per visit but remember that you will have to pay the difference. As different clinics have different charges, you may wish to find out before receiving treatment. Common illnesses covered may include abdominal pain, cough, cold & flu, diarrhoea, fever, headache, skin problems, sore eyes, urinary tract infection and others.
  • Again, with the exception of the Green card, CHAS also subsidizes dental procedures ranging from a subsidy of $11 to $266 depending on the type of procedure and the type of card you hold. However, dental subsidies are more restrictive and some are not offered to Orange card holders. The dental services covered include consultation*, extraction*, filling*, removable dentures, denture reline/repair, permanent crown, re-cementation*, root canal, polishing, scaling*, topical floride* and x-ray* (* – not available to Orange card holders).

There is really no downside to applying for your CHAS card. Beginning this month, application is open to ALL Singaporeans regardless of income. Online application is really easy and only one person in the family unit living in the same household need to apply. There is no need to submit lengthy forms or attach documents — your eligibility is already pre- determined automatically based on your family’s information the government has on file from various agencies. Most importantly, to apply online, you will need your SingPass password. Otherwise, you can also do it the old fashion way on paper – click here to download the paper form.

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