Seniors, the Delta variant is very dangerous – YOU NEED TO GET VACCINATED NOW.

One out of every four seniors over 70 years-old still have not received their first dose of the Covid vaccine. This group is the most at risk group and the one with the lowest rate of first-dose vaccination in Singapore. With the Delta variant moving in the community, this is a formula for disaster. Data shows that those that are vaccinated even when they contract Covid, have either mild or no symptoms. Stop being a hold out and make the right decision – GET VACCINATED NOW.

  • “The vaccine is not safe and I have heard of people getting sick from it”. While there has been cases of adverse reactions, they are extremely rare. Real world data from many countries after hundreds of millions of vaccinations have confirmed the safety of mRNA vaccines used in Singapore. As the most vulnerable age group, the risk of contracting Covid and having a bad outcome is significantly higher. If you still have questions, talk to your doctor and get the facts straight — do not rely on unproven videos and articles. Ask your doctor if their parents are already vaccinated?
  • “My family members are vaccinated and I do not go out a lot. I should be safe”. That is 100% incorrect. Even if your family members living with you are vaccinated, there is evidence that they can still contract Covid and infect you at home. However, they may have no or mild symptoms and may not even be aware that they are having Covid.
  • “Many people that have Covid do recover without any complications”. While that is true, the prospect of a full recovery is different for different age groups. Young adults and children do well but seniors, especially those over 70 years-old that have chronic problems, are at much higher risk for hospitalisation and death. Furthermore, the current Delta variant is very infectious and can spread faster than those that we have encountered in the past. That increases your risk significantly if you remain unvaccinated. Remember that Covid generally impacts your ability to breath and reduces your oxygen level as the disease progresses. If it gets really bad, you will end up in an ICU and possibly intubated and heavily sedated. It is horrible and you may not survive.
  • “I do not want to take the mRNA vaccine. Do I have a choice?” At the time of this article, only the two mRNA vaccines are approved by the HSA for use in the national vaccination program. The MOH recognises there are some who may not tolerate well mRNA vaccines and will allow then to take other vaccines under the Special Access Route (SAR) which allows WHO approved vaccines to be given in Singapore. If you have been deemed unable by MOH to take mRNA vaccine, you are able to get non-mRNA vaccines from a private provider free-of-charge.
  • “I have difficulty going to the vaccination centers because I have limited mobility.” No worries. To make it easy to get vaccinated, if you are bed or home bound, call MOH hotline on 1800-333-9999 to see if you qualify for home vaccination. Also note that seniors over 65 years-old can do a walk-in without appointment at any of the MOH vaccination centers.
  • “What happens if I have an adverse reaction?” When you get your vaccination, you are observed for about 30 minutes before you can go home. If there is a problem, the center has personnel that are trained to assist you. If you have any problems after going home, go to A&E and tell them that you have been recently vaccinated. The A&E team will know how to help you.

Given how quickly the Delta variant is spreading in Singapore with an explosion of cases, it is critical that you do not hold out any longer … GET VACCINATED NOW. IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE.

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