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Enjoy a Lovely 60-Minutes Walk at the New Singapore’s 3rd Botanical Garden.

After almost a year of building and landscaping, the Jurong Lake Gardens(JLG) is finally open to the public – making it Singapore’s 3rd botanical gardens and the only one located in the heartland. Adjacent to the Chinese and Japanese Garden, the JLG has a little something for everyone in the family – from wading pools for the young ones, playground for the older kids, lots of nature for the enthusiasts, plenty of biking trails and a nice place to take a 60-minute leisurely walk for the seniors — with a great view of the lake especially during the evening twilight hours!

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Borrow Great Books from the Library Without Leaving Home

In Singapore, your local library is one of the best perks of citizenship and there is probably one near you. But there is another part of the library that you may not be aware of – the digital or virtual library. In keeping up with technology and to make reading even more accessible, the National Library Board (NLB) has been at the forefront of digital media and its convenience to the public. All you need to use this is to get a basic Android or IOS tablet that is large enough so that it comfortable for reading – and you are ready to go.

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