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Tired of GrabFood or FoodPanda take-out? Try this.

If you are going to eat at home anyway, you do not have to settle for plain old take-out food from your favorite GrabFood or FoodPanda menu. Personally, I get little satisfaction from eating take-out delivery. For one, the quality of the dishes tend to drop when it has to take 30-60 minutes to get to you after it is prepared. That means it is normally no longer piping hot when you get it. If it is a noodle or pasta dish, it is even worse – it tends to get soggy and loses the “al dente”. Sorry, if I am dining in, I cannot get excited about meals delivered by GrabFood or FoodPanda.

No time to shop for ingredients? No idea what dishes to make? No recipe? No cooking experience? … but still crave for home cooked freshly made and piping hot dish straight out of the kitchen … try this for a change.

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American Dietetic Association: Thumbs Up for Vegetarian Diets but …

You have heard that a vegetarian diet is healthier and can help you live longer – yes, it is true and there is ample scientific evidence. What is a vegetarian diet? There are two types of vegetarians – while both do not eat any animal meat — the more common group is known as lacto-ovo vegetarians who will also eat animal by-products such as eggs and cheese. The vegans do not eat any of the by-products.

An evidence-based review shows that a vegetarian diet is associated with lower risk of death of ischemic heart disease, lower risk of hypertension, diabetes and cancer compared to non-vegetarian. A typical vegetarian diet includes foods that are loaded with nutrients that are healthy for us. But just avoiding meat does not automatically make for a good diet plan and may even work against you. If you decide to do vegetarian, here’s how to make the best of your dietary choice.

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Seniors, Beware of Herbal Supplements!

The benefits of herbal supplements are well publicised – from gingko nuts improving your memory to flaxseed helping to lower your cholesterol.  Most of the herbal supplements are available over the counter in pharmacies and supermarkets.  However, it is important to note that while there may be some regulations ensuring good manufacturing practices – most herbal supplements do not need FDA or regulatory approval to sell their products to the public.  Seniors should be cautious about using herbal supplements because some of them can have potent “medicine-like” effects on your blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar.  In severe cases, it may even result in damage to your liver or kidney.  

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Artificial Sweetener: Should I Use It?

The FDA has approved 5 types of artificial sweeteners or scientifically referred to as “non-nutritive” sweeteners.  Most people are familiar with “Sweet n Low” (sacharrin), “Equal” (aspartame) and “Splenda” (sucralose) which are now commonly available in pink, blue and yellow sachets in most diners and coffee outlets.   Is it safe? Does it cause cancer?  If I take them to lose weight, does it work? Let’s separate the myths from the facts. Continue reading “Artificial Sweetener: Should I Use It?”

Something Fishy (Really Fresh) at Zai Shun

One of the healthiest protein is steamed fish.  Problem with making a really good steam fish dish starts with really fresh fish.  Steaming a defrosted supermarket bought fish fillet simply doesn’t cut it.  Most Singaporean foodies will tell you that getting top rate fresh steamed fish is not easy.   If you order them in nicer restaurants, it will normally cost you a small fortune.

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