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More precious than gold!

The “Not-So-Fun-Must-Do” Colonoscopy

We all take pictures and brag about the wonderful things we have done and places we have visited.  But this is one topic we all probably try to avoid.  If you are reading this, chances are you are over 50.   This may be worthwhile reading for those who have tried every persuading argument not to go have a colonoscopy.  Let me tell why you why you should not procrastinate further.

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Artificial Sweetener: Should I Use It?

The FDA has approved 5 types of artificial sweeteners or scientifically referred to as “non-nutritive” sweeteners.  Most people are familiar with “Sweet n Low” (sacharrin), “Equal” (aspartame) and “Splenda” (sucralose) which are now commonly available in pink, blue and yellow sachets in most diners and coffee outlets.   Is it safe? Does it cause cancer?  If I take them to lose weight, does it work? Let’s separate the myths from the facts. Continue reading “Artificial Sweetener: Should I Use It?”

Walking Does Not Require A Gym Membership

The American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends walking as a great way to get enough activity to reap the health benefits as we age.  Why walking? One, it does not require any great skill nor does it require any equipment (other than a good pair of walking shoes) or a health club membership. And it is something that you are already doing every day.  The only question is whether you are walking enough to derive the benefits of decreasing your risk for chronic diseases often associated with ageing such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. Continue reading “Walking Does Not Require A Gym Membership”

New Study: Lifelong Exercise May Be A Fountain of Youth

A new study published by the Journal of Applied Physiology in August entitled “Cardiovascular and Skeletal Muscle Health with Lifelong Exercise” done by Ball State University (Indiana USA), had some surprising conclusions about the effects of lifelong exercise.  The researchers looked at 3 groups; the lifelong aerobic exerciser (LLE), old healthy non-exercisers (OHNE) and young exercisers (YE).  They compared indicators of aerobic capacities such as the level of aerobic enzymes and muscle capillarization between the different groups.  And what they found surprised them. Continue reading “New Study: Lifelong Exercise May Be A Fountain of Youth”

Ageing in Place: 5 Things to Consider When Renovating

As you hit your 60s, it may be a good time to think about some simple renovations that will make your home more comfortable and safer for your later years.  As you grow older, you will have physical challenges that you may not have when you are younger – and this is a good time to take some action.  Renovating your home is always a big task and timing is everything. Continue reading “Ageing in Place: 5 Things to Consider When Renovating”

New Scientific Study: Lowering Your Carb Intake Can Help You Win Your Weight Loss Battle

Like most seniors, you are probably fighting to keep from gaining weight as you grow older.  Most seniors are baffled why this happens even when they have not changed their eating habits or diet.  The answer most likely has to do with your metabolic rate — a higher metabolic rate simply means that you burn calories at a faster rate, even when you are resting.  The reverse is true — if your metabolic rate declines, your body may not be burning up the food that you have consumed.  Unfortunately, weight management is simply mathematics when it comes to caloric intake and expense! Continue reading “New Scientific Study: Lowering Your Carb Intake Can Help You Win Your Weight Loss Battle”

Dementia is NOT Part of Normal Ageing

People sometimes mix up talking about dementia as though it is part if normal ageing. It is not. Affecting one in ten Singaporeans over 60, it is a neurological condition characterised by gradual or progressive intellectual decline including impairment of memory function and personality changes eventually leading to losing ones ability to cope with daily activities. A study done in 2015 estimated about 82,000 people suffer from dementia in Singapore.

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Must Read: “Ready for 100: Preparing for Longevity in Singapore”

The good news – living to 100 years old is within the reach of many of us  in Singapore retiring today.  Singaporeans will live longer than many nations in the developed world – a study in 2016 shows that HALE(Healthy Life Expectancy) at birth ranks Singapore #1 in the world.  Singapore must have done something right because HALE has improved a whopping 4.9 years from 2000 to 2016 – unmatched in any developed world.

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Mobility is Freedom

Ageing is a process that is part of living and many of us will have the privilege to walk down this road. As time goes by, our body becomes frailer. We no longer can do the things that we can in our younger self. Nothing is more frightening about growing old than losing one’s mobility, and by definition, one’s independence.
We take for granted that we are able to get up in the morning and go one with life on our own two feet. Until the day we cannot. Preserving your ability to remain independent means that you have to make sure that you do what you can to remain mobile as long as you can.

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