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Seniors: When should I give up my Drivers License?

For seniors who have been driving since getting their driver’s license in their twenties, giving up driving is not going to be easy. Most seniors equate driving to independence and mobility – and taking that away from them can be crushing. But we all know that as we grow older, the day will come when we have to give up our car keys. So, when should seniors stop driving? Well, the answer is not that simple.

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Let’s Talk Generation Gap

We know that every generation is different. How we grew up and the times we grew up in shape our view of life, religion and everything else. I belong to the Baby Boomer generation (will explain more what that is) – a generation that saw the biggest economic boom and is likely the generation to-date that has accumulated the most wealth. So what about the rest? Let me walk you through.

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Happy New Year. We Have Achieved A New Record for Children.

When we ring in 2019, we will have hit a record for children all over the world. And it is not a good record. According to Save The Children, more children than ever before are living in conflict areas and are at risk of death and violence. We will start the year with at least 357 million children suffering in conflict areas or roughly 1-in-6 children in our world. Most of the conflict areas are in Africa and Middle East.

I do not want to throw a wet blanket on your new year festivities. This is not an appeal for money for the many charities that help these children wherever they can. This is not a political statement about government or politics and to tell you who is to blame. And I am not going to show you in this article the heart wrenching pictures of children starved to death, injured by weapons of war or simply killed by indiscriminate bombings.

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Goodbye 2018 – 2019 Needs Your Prayers

More than ever, the world seems unsettled and anxious and need your prayers as we say goodbye to 2018 and hope for a better 2019. With 2018 feeling like a roller coaster ride, it is not surprising that there is so much at stake in 2019. Something does not feel right this year and here is why we need your prayers!

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Parenting Your Adult Kids is Simple – Just Let Go

The hardest and most important role of any parent is “letting go” when their kids grow up into young adults. In nature, we see birds teaching their young how to fly — and when they do, their young takes flight and leaves the nest for good. There is a lot of fear and apprehension in letting go because it represents a major watershed in your relationship with your children. After years of taking care of them and nurturing them in every sense of the word, they are now ready to make a mark for themselves in their world. Letting go is all about making the transition from being an authoritative parent towards a more rewarding role of being a parent-consultant. Taking on this new role will open up a whole new relationship with your adult children that can be truly amazing and wonderful for years to come. Here are what you should be letting go …

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Study Finds That Loneliness Peaks in Your 20s, 50s and 80s — What Do Seniors Need to Know?

A study recently published tells us that while rising rates of loneliness is no surprise, there are three different ages where loneliness peaks: during the 20s, 50s and 80s. About 75% of the subjects surveyed has moderate to high levels of loneliness. The measure of loneliness is subjective and is defined as “subjective distress” between the social relationships that you want and the ones that you have.

Here are some findings in the study that was done in San Diego County, California, USA — with 340 participants ranging from 27 to 101 years old.

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3 Rules for an Awesome Retirement

Your kids have graduated and are starting their careers.  You can now see the “retirement light” at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  You have saved enough and you are ready to have a great time with your spouse and looking forward to some good years ahead.  You are ready to do the things that you have been putting off.  Now is the time to enjoy life.  But retirement is a whole new ball game and has its own rules.  There are 3 simple rules you must keep in mind to make sure that you have an awesome retirement – perhaps some 20-30 fun years ahead.

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Why Continue to Work Even Past Your 90s?

CNBC recently reported that the founder of Pacific International Lines is the world’s oldest billionaire that still goes to work in his office every day.  This is even after he handed over the reigns of the company to his son earlier this year.  How old is he? An amazing 100 years-old!

In reality, not everyone is a millionaire, let a lone a billionaire.  So why bother to work past normal retirement age?  Professor Karl Pillemer, a gerontologist at Cornell University told CNN that “people who engage in organized work have higher age of mortality” — noting also that such benefits accrue to people who chose to work longer and not to people who were essentially forced to work past their retirement age and have no choice.  Assuming that you fall into the former group, here are the positive reasons why you should continue to work:

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Make a pledge to do Christmas differently this year

Christmas means a lot of different things to different people.  If you are a Christian, you are celebrating the birth of Christ – a holy day of celebration to commemorate the birth of Jesus.  For many who are not Christians or may not have a religious attachment to Christmas, it is still an important holiday because it is a time of fun and festivity.  For the retail economy, it is the busiest time of the year.

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Pre & Post Retirement: What Do You Miss The Most?

A 2013 study by New Age in the US looked at the myths and realities of retiring by asking pre-retirees the same question they asked retirees – what will they miss the most?  The study will surprise you.  For those about to arrive at this milestone in their life, it may be helpful to understand how perspectives of what is important to them will shift along the way. Continue reading “Pre & Post Retirement: What Do You Miss The Most?”