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Pre & Post Retirement: What Do You Miss The Most?

A 2013 study by New Age in the US looked at the myths and realities of retiring by asking pre-retirees the same question they asked retirees – what will they miss the most?  The study will surprise you.  For those about to arrive at this milestone in their life, it may be helpful to understand how perspectives of what is important to them will shift along the way. Continue reading “Pre & Post Retirement: What Do You Miss The Most?”


Kampung Admiralty: My First Impression

Singapore’s first retirement community officially opened its doors on May 12 this year to a big fanfare and ribbon cutting by our PM.  The PM called it a “modern kampung” in his speech referring to a concept led by HDB some four years back.   Residents who were lucky enough to be balloted to one of the two residential blocks that housed 100 studio apartments, picked up their key in August.  Some are still busy moving in and ready to call this “kampung” their home. Continue reading “Kampung Admiralty: My First Impression”

Retiring Baby Boomers – A Big Bonus for Charities in Singapore

Like most developed countries, Singapore’s Baby Boomers are now heading towards their retirement and this will be a big bonus to our community. Baby Boomers are able to give more of their time and money once they retire. Today’s Baby Boomers in Singapore are blessed with better education, more savings, political stability and one of the best healthcare system in the region. All this results in the Baby Boomers heading into their retirement years in better shape than their preceding generation – with greater wealth, health and longevity. And this is good news for charities in Singapore as many retirees believe that their silver years is the best time for them to give back to society.

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5 Things to Look For When Planning to Age-in-Place

A major part of the Singapore government’s silver strategy is “ageing-in-place” – a policy that encourages ageing seniors to stay in their homes and communities.  So what is “ageing-in-place”?  Wikipedia defines it as  “the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability”.  At a policy level, it means that senior will stay at home and in their communities as long as they can — and therefore not place additional burdens on the limited resources in institutional senior care.  At the individual level, ageing in place is preferred to institutional living (nursing home, for example) because ageing-in-place typically offers greater quality of life as long as the individual can strive to live independently and safely at home.

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The Good Ole Days

As time goes by and your kids begin to leave the nest, you begin to think about “what’s next” in your golden years.  In the past, children are expected to take care of their parents under the same roof.  But we have to give up many of these ideas as our society changes and as our country progresses into the first world.  Dreaming about the old “kampong days” is just nostalgia – and it is gone forever.

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Holistic Aging

Like baking a great cake, it takes a combination of good ingredients and skill to achieve perfection.  A little luck also helps because even if we do exactly the same thing each time, the cake comes out a little differently.  That is also true about life.

The ingredients to aging well boils down to a few things that we must strive for, some are within our control and some may not be within our reach – leaving the rest to God and fate.

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