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On Your Next Holiday, Your Phone Camera can be a Lifesaver!

There are many things that can go wrong with your holiday abroad especially when there are disputes with airlines, hotels, travel insurance and car rental companies. Many of these disputes play out after you return home or when you receive your next credit bill. Your smartphone camera can truly be a lifesaver – just take lots of photos (not just selfies or scenery!).

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New Artificial Intelligence(AI) Tech Helps Senior Caregivers Provide Higher Level of Care

You cannot buy it today and it is not yet available in any nursing or elderly facility in Singapore. The new technology is developed by CarePredict, a Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based startup aimed at improving seniors’ quality of life with machine learning-driven wearables and is being tested today in senior living facilities in the USA. They plan to officially launch sometime this year but it is unclear when CarePredict will it be available in Singapore.

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Borrow Great Books from the Library Without Leaving Home

In Singapore, your local library is one of the best perks of citizenship and there is probably one near you. But there is another part of the library that you may not be aware of – the digital or virtual library. In keeping up with technology and to make reading even more accessible, the National Library Board (NLB) has been at the forefront of digital media and its convenience to the public. All you need to use this is to get a basic Android or IOS tablet that is large enough so that it comfortable for reading – and you are ready to go.

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Travelling Abroad? Beware of Hackers and Risky Wifi

If you are going to places that are are unsure of, you normally take precautions like locking your valuables in a safe or wearing clothes that make it harder for pickpocketers.  Add one more precaution – beware of digital hackers and risky Wifi.  In many developing countries, tourists are ripe for the diigital picking.   Like many, you may already be doing your banking or shopping online using your smartphone.  Hackers will try to steal from you by gaining access to your password or PIN numbers.  Your connection to wifi overseas is your weakest link. 

Here are some ways you can safeguard your smartphone from wifi dangers and hackers:

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Self Driving Cars are Here – This is Great News for Seniors

For seniors, the ability to move around and go anywhere is important to the quality of life.  The self-driving or driver-less cars are going to be a very big thing to the ageing community.  Driverless cars may be so friendly that seniors will ditch their own cars in favor of something that is safe, convenient and affordable.  No driving, no parking and no need to try to tell the driver where you are going.  Think of it as GRAB or UBER upgrade.  The better news is that it is almost here.

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Ageing-in-Place: Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

While modern technology can be a little overwhelming to some seniors, it is also a godsend for ageing-in-place.   There are many things that these tech devices can help seniors do that were simply not possible just a generation back.  They are here to help us connect to friends and families in real time, and offer conveniences to help us live more independently. 

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Secret to Cheap Airfares For Top Airlines: Buy At The Right Time by being a “Hopper”

The best part of being retired in your silver years is not being tied down to any particular timing for your holidays because of jobs or just waiting for the right public holidays to connect to your weekend. The mantra for enjoying life after retirement is to holiday more, see the world and PAY LESS — simply because you can travel when the planes are less full. Not only do you save a lot of money for tickets, but you also enjoy a cabin that is less crowded. And you can travel full service airlines sometime even lower priced than budget airlines!

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Call for Help – say “Hey, Siri” or “Ok, Google” with your Smartphone

For seniors at home, you may worry about how to call for help when no one is home.  For example, if you have a fall at home and you need to call someone to help you, the first thought is to reach for your landline phone.  But what if you are unable to reach the phone or if you forgot the phone number of your family member to call?  That’s where your smartphone can be a real life saver.

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