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5 Reasons Why You Should NOT drive your Singapore car in Malaysia.

Most seniors love their cars. If you own a car, especially a performance vehicle, the regret of driving in Singapore is the lack of open roads to really enjoy driving. Obviously, an option is to hit the highways of our neighbor – Malaysia. Here are 5 reasons why you may wish to think twice about driving your Singapore-car in Malaysia. If things go wrong, it can be a real hassle – touch wood it does not happen to you!

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Know your Cards: Credit vs Debit vs Prepaid vs ATM Card

Seniors often complain that when they retire, they find it difficult to get a credit card approved and would often have to settle for other forms of cards. Not all cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo works the same way and there are big differences. Different cards also offer different protection in the event your card is stolen or if there are fraudulent charges. Here is what every senior should know about the cards in their wallet!

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Checklist for Seniors Travelling Overseas

I remember my younger days when I can just throw together a few clothing items and my toothbrush, hop on a plane and I am off to my holiday adventure. But for seniors, that approach is probably not advisable. A little planning can save you from a lot of pain if the unexpected happens during your holiday. Here is a simple checklist you should keep handy when planning your holiday overseas.

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Travelling Abroad? How not to get “ripped-off” by your credit card!

One of the many joys of having excess time when you retire is to travel – so making your budget stretch during your holidays is never a bad thing. Most seniors rely on their local credit card to pay for their holiday expenses when abroad like hotels, meals or car rentals. Few actually realise that they are getting “ripped off” by their credit card exchange rates and hidden charges like “foreign transaction fees” because they rarely go back to check if the conversion rate back to SGD$ is competitive. All in, you could be paying up to 3-4% more – or simply put, that is up to $40 per $1000 transaction lost!

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Travelling Abroad? Beware of Hackers and Risky Wifi

If you are going to places that are are unsure of, you normally take precautions like locking your valuables in a safe or wearing clothes that make it harder for pickpocketers.  Add one more precaution – beware of digital hackers and risky Wifi.  In many developing countries, tourists are ripe for the diigital picking.   Like many, you may already be doing your banking or shopping online using your smartphone.  Hackers will try to steal from you by gaining access to your password or PIN numbers.  Your connection to wifi overseas is your weakest link. 

Here are some ways you can safeguard your smartphone from wifi dangers and hackers:

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Secret to Cheap Airfares For Top Airlines: Buy At The Right Time by being a “Hopper”

The best part of being retired in your silver years is not being tied down to any particular timing for your holidays because of jobs or just waiting for the right public holidays to connect to your weekend. The mantra for enjoying life after retirement is to holiday more, see the world and PAY LESS — simply because you can travel when the planes are less full. Not only do you save a lot of money for tickets, but you also enjoy a cabin that is less crowded. And you can travel full service airlines sometime even lower priced than budget airlines!

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A Couple Can Retire Comfortably in Malaysia for S$2000-2500 (that includes rent!)

The #1 concern for most seniors is wondering if they can make ends meets when they retire.  But looking across the causeway to the north, Malaysia is a different picture.  A quick survey indicates that an expat couple retiring in Malaysia can live comfortably for about S$2000-2500/month and somewhat luxuriously for about S$3000-3500/month, inclusive of rent. Continue reading “A Couple Can Retire Comfortably in Malaysia for S$2000-2500 (that includes rent!)”

Warning: Travel Insurance May Not Really Protect Seniors in Singapore

Most experienced and seasoned travelers will know the importance of travel insurance and will not leave home without one.  Most standard travel insurance plans are actually quite affordable and many will costs you under $100.  But every plan is different and you have to read the fine print.

Apart from trip cancellation, the most costly risk especially to Europe or USA, is related to healthcare.  Many may not know this but if you fall sick and require hospitalisation during your travel, the travel insurance policy may not pay for the costs if they deem that it is related to your pre-existing condition.  Normally, standard travel insurance automatically excludes any pre-existing condition unless there is a specific waiver in writing.  Continue reading “Warning: Travel Insurance May Not Really Protect Seniors in Singapore”