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Mental Health is as Important as Physical Wellbeing in Ageing

Mental wellness is as important as your physical health in navigating the ageing process. We often focus on taking care of our physical self but neglect mental wellness. Our mental health is all about happiness and the way be think and feel about life. A short booklet from the UK Mental Health Foundation entitled “How to Look After Your Mental Health in Later Life” is a great read – download here. Here are 10 ways listed to help you stay mentally healthy.

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Dementia is NOT Part of Normal Ageing

People sometimes mix up talking about dementia as though it is part if normal ageing. It is not. Affecting one in ten Singaporeans over 60, it is a neurological condition characterised by gradual or progressive intellectual decline including impairment of memory function and personality changes eventually leading to losing ones ability to cope with daily activities. A study done in 2015 estimated about 82,000 people suffer from dementia in Singapore.

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