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How to Make Passive Income Work for You in Singapore?

When you decide to retire, this is when you stop actively working for money. This is the time when your savings, assets and investments should begin working for you – by generating a steady stream of passive income. Of course, it is everyone’s dream to be “paid regularly” without actually working a regular job. But it take planning. Here are some of the passive income strategies that you should consider.

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3 Rules for an Awesome Retirement

Your kids have graduated and are starting their careers.  You can now see the “retirement light” at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  You have saved enough and you are ready to have a great time with your spouse and looking forward to some good years ahead.  You are ready to do the things that you have been putting off.  Now is the time to enjoy life.  But retirement is a whole new ball game and has its own rules.  There are 3 simple rules you must keep in mind to make sure that you have an awesome retirement – perhaps some 20-30 fun years ahead.

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Pre & Post Retirement: What Do You Miss The Most?

A 2013 study by New Age in the US looked at the myths and realities of retiring by asking pre-retirees the same question they asked retirees – what will they miss the most?  The study will surprise you.  For those about to arrive at this milestone in their life, it may be helpful to understand how perspectives of what is important to them will shift along the way. Continue reading “Pre & Post Retirement: What Do You Miss The Most?”